Pisces Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility

But especially to the Sun Sign male Fish. When the Taurean girl plays romantic marbles, she shoots to win, and to keep all the aggies. But when she forgets her common sense, she’ll find herself playing “Blind Man’s Bluff,” and that’s a game she could lose, unless she cheats a little, and peeks out from under the hanky tied over her eyes. She might as well, if she’s playing with a Fish. He’ll certainly cheat a little, by peeking out beneath If it looks like it’s leading him into the hook of a permanent attachment, he could be a poor loser, and scoot away before he gets caught. But that’s only his protective Neptune reflex action, and he’ll be back.

3 Ways to Date a Pisces

I’m starting to want more from him instead of just sleeping wit him I think I’m truly done with him and his games Tee-Tee – 9-May 3: We were dating for 6 months when out of nowhere we started fighting. I feel like he’s been talking to someone else, but he denies it. He recently broke up with me because he says he can’t trust me with his heart and emotions.

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Laura Nowak – Updated April 27, According to the Astrology chart, Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs, though sexually this relationship may produce sparks, as a Virgo woman learns to forgo her cool demeanor with the affectionate Pisces man. These opposites promote balance in a relationship, so if they work with each other’s quirks they can make it last. Opposites have great sex. Meet Singles in your Area!

Opposites Attract Virgo women may possess a cool demeanor, as they criticize about details and cleanliness and are always on the go. However, inside these women also crave a deep intimate and sensual relationship, featuring romantic sex with a smart and attractive partner.

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility: Friendship, Love & Sex

Furthermore, water signs never want to end anything so it can be a dream-come-true to find someone else who feels the same way. It is the very antithesis of hard logic and forthright action we associate with men. Having a strong, understanding Scorpio woman by your side can be a life saver, literally a lighthouse on the shores of a stormy sea.

If you’re a woman who is currently in love with a Taurus man, you need to prepare yourself. You have to be able to deal with this trait so that you won’t have to face any troubles in the relationship.

This house represents things of value and that hold meaning. This means human relationships as well as material possessions. A main Taurus trait relates to possession. This not said in a pejorative sense as there is spiritual meaning involved in the mix. Taurus is an Earth sign with its zodiac symbol being the bull. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn all share the common trait of being grounded and focused on the here and now.

This is different than other signs, such as Pisces a water sign that lives in a bifurcated world of fantasy and the past. Taurus signs do not like being told what to do or forced into situations where they feel uncomfortable. Instead, they prefer to take on the role of leader. They will pursue their identified goal until it is reached — even if this comes at great personal sacrifice health, relationships, etc.

Men who are Taurus generally are into hiking, backpacking, camping, canoeing and tons of other outdoor activities.

Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility Taurus Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility The compatibility level of this pair is not so exciting since there are some major differences between them and one of the major ones is their approach towards life. Taurus is very practical and therefore if they know that certain things are not going to work in that way then they are alright with simple things.

On the contrary a Pisces is very imaginary and they likes to live in a world of fantasy where everything is perfect but they are not sure as to how to make those dreams a reality as they do not have clear ideas about them. However, they are both understanding and when they are together they will find a way out to sort the differences. Taurus woman will find the compassionate and benevolent side of the Piscean very appealing and fall for his tender attitude right away.

Taurus woman sees the ideal man in him who is gentle, nurturing and warm which are actually a feminine attribute but these qualities being in a man makes them over the moon.

Mar 16,  · I’m a Taurus woman with a Pisces man too:) We’ve been together for almost 3 years but we’ve had a LOT of fights and disagreements. We stayed together because we love each other. Water and earth are a strong connection in : Resolved.

Even though their representatives have their fair share of differences in the way they express their love, they are also serious and reliable partners and insist on long-lasting relationships. Pisces and Taurus mutually complement each other and can share an incredibly strong connection, based on mutual respect and understanding.

The Taurus man is a quiet and honest person, who often shows his will with an act of dominance and a stubbornness that can overshadow the phrase “stubborn as a mule”. He is more of a sober realist, not an optimist, but his views are sometimes inspired by idealization and adventurism. Working industriously and achieving his personal goals, this may look like careerism to those who don’t know him but they do not understand the amount of importance he places on his professional expression.

Hectic and immersed in his own tempo, he is not kind toward those who doubt his methods. In a love relationship, Taurus is quite defensive, with a strong possessive feeling, but also a very caring partner that has a refined sense of romance, that he sometimes demonstrates out in the open without any worries. Elegantly feminine, romantic, comely and ingratiatingly calm, the woman born under the zodiac sign of Pisces can inspire anyone and become loved at first sight.

She looks innocent, without appearing to have any real sense about the world or others, but this is just an illusion because she prefers to be more radiant, friendly and even slightly infantile. The Pisces woman sees only the positive in her surroundings and tries to safely distance herself from situations that may cause drama in her life. Her indecisions however, lead to many missed opportunities and a stagnation in her everyday life.

Dating Pisces Women: Attraction And Seduction

The earth sign of Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Life with a Taurus is a life of practicality and stability. They are traditional and have an old-school charm to them. They can also be rather gentle and docile. There are some things you need to understand about this force of nature before you can appreciate your time with him and win him over with the best first date. Taurus men hate pretentiousness and anything that is artificial.

Dating pisces man seeks woman. Find out what does a scorpio woman and scorpio man is one of opposite signs and leo man seeks woman by sun sign. Feb 27, free compatibility and leo is one of all the most complicated signs in the stars influence your sexual life.

How to Seduce a Taurus Woman By: Of course, this tends to make the Taurus woman very much a romantic at heart. Therefore, certain rules should be followed while trying to get the Taurus woman to surrender to passion. Taurus women are earthy, sensuous and loyal. Meet Singles in your Area! Step 1 Compliment a Taurus woman from the start. Taureans can spot hypocrisy from a mile away, so make certain that all flattery is the real deal. Taurus women will go to great lengths to look pleasing for their partner, often spending the better part of the day readying for an evening out.

Treat your Taurus woman like a sensual feast, and tell her so; a suitor that notices the total package is one that will get far in the pursuit. Step 2 Be a bit territorial, even to the point of pushing the line a bit. Taurus women are traditionalists at heart, and a bit of possessiveness will show pride in your “possession.

Pisces Man

Taurus Man Taurus man in love Because the sign of Taurus normally lacks initiative, Taurus men can easily get a panic attack when it is time to conquer the subject of their desire. There is a collision between their traditional values and their gentle nature. When they make a decision to make the first move, this will usually be a product of a long analysis of the way the other person was acting, even though they might not even be aware of it.

The compatibility horoscope of Taurus man and Pisces woman is guarded by the Earth and Water elements. Earth – stable substance, is the foundation of everything, but Water can be in three states – solid, liquid and gas, but it is always pulled to the Earth.

This couple also appreciate the stability and they tend to be very kind to one another. In addition, they are known to be a couple that loves taking care of each other both in and out of the bedroom. The charm of the Taurus guy and the love and affection of the Pisces woman is what keeps them going. A Taurus guy and Pisces lady can have a great relationship so long as they do not try to change one another.

They tend to compliment each other because of their different personality traits. The sex life of Taurus male and Pisces female is considered to be mutually fulfilling. The Taurean is guided by his senses, while his Piscean lover is guided by her emotions, which enables them to be able to blend together during their lovemaking sessions.

Pisces Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

The Pisces male can be a bit nervous around such a charming woman, but she will instantly put him at ease. Because she is more submissive, he sees her as safe and non-threatening. Because he can be delicate, he needs a steady partner to reassure him that she is his in this Pisces compatibility. And the Taurus woman date will be his forever once they commit, but it will take time for the analytical Taurus to make up her mind.

This suits her Pisces lover just fine as he likes to take things slow. Find out more about the Pisces man.

DATING A PISCES MAN – WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW! Better open up your heart if you’re dating a Pisces man! Welcome to the kindest, the most sensitive and the most effortlessly beguiling of all the Star Signs – the man most likely to do you a good turn, least likely to give you a straight.

Astrological Soulmates Pisces Man and Taurus Woman When the Pisces man falls in love with a Taurus woman, the resulting water earth match can provide something both partners need, in an enduring and stable relationship. She is a kind hearted woman herself, and she has a soft spot for men who are in touch with their gentle side. She is quiet, but quietly confident, and he senses that she has her emotions under control. Fascinated by each other, this couple will get together and quickly discover that they like each other even more than they thought.

The Pisces man is a very gentle and spiritual guy, but he does sometimes struggle to control his emotions, and is prone to a lot of mood swings and tempestuous feelings. The Taurus woman provides him with a rock of stability and certainty in his otherwise uncertain world. He know he can trust her, and that she will always be there for him. In return, the Pisces man provides the Taurus woman with endless romance and undying love — he is a true romantic and knows exactly how to make her feel loved and cherished.

Dating A Pisces Man Taurus

I like them but I don’t have any strong water placements in my chart though, so perhaps that didn’t help. The first Pisces wanted to spend all his time with me. This was nice for the first few weeks, then I started getting tired of it.

Astrological compatibility horoscope for taurus woman can not a taurus man and the aquarius man couple rates a team rather than showcase individual differences. What does the aquarius is 5. Learn why the earthy taurus: taurus woman dating an aquarius man.

Share Tweet Mystical, moody Pisces and practical, calm Taurus make one of the best long-term love matches in the Zodiac. How can a Pisces woman get it together with a Taurus man? You are both essentially easy going and harmony loving people, which can make the relationship a very good one. But, for the Pisces woman dating a Taurus man, it can be a little difficult when it comes to getting the relationship going.

Why is it, that two signs which are reputed to be so perfect for one another, have a hard time? The two of you are actually complementary signs, which is an excellent thing. The problem is certainly not in the connection or the chemistry.